Presentation evaluation checklist

During my first two semesters at university, I’ve had to give more than a handful of presentations. While it was a good learning experience, the more interesting effort was having to evaluate other presentations. We had these checklists handed out to us and we would grade each aspect. Following is that checklist:

Grade each point on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best.


  • Speaker’s understanding of material
  • Command over English language
  • Adherence to time limit


  • Was the introduction interesting?
  • Was the material presented in a fluent order?
  • Did the speaker assume too much knowledge from the audience?


  • Were there enough examples?
  • Were the examples clean and concise?


  • Were the figures clear?
  • Was the font large and readable?
  • Did the slides have a good information density (not too much per slide, but did not need to change slides too often)?


  • Did you understand the big picture?
  • Did you get lost in the details?

Q and A

  • Were questions handled well?
  • Did questions show lack of understanding by audience?
  • Did the speaker’s responses clear your apprehension towards the topic?

I am pretty sure there are other ways to evaluate presentations, but I like this list. I keep it as a reference when I need to prepare presentations.

That’s all for now. Peace!