Tasty Static - the modern day SkyRoads remix

Fans of BlueMoon Interactive’s DOS game SkyRoads, rejoice! I found an excellent remake of the classic: Tasty Static. The game is fantastic, take my word for it! Or don’t. Just check the screenshots and the trailer.

The basic gameplay is the same as SkyRoads, you have to reach the end of a road by jumping and moving on platforms arranged in tricky ways. There are different types of platforms, ones which make you go faster, slow you down, lava blocks which burn you on contact and bumpy blocks which make you hop when you touch them. There are also a few extras like shooting lasers and backward mode. The visuals are very nice. The ship and all the other effects are simple polygons, but they still manage to look fantastic. The best part about the game, though, is the sound track. I can’t describe it in words (obviously!). Tasty Static is freeware, so just head over to the website and download the game: http://www.tastystatic.com. Did I mention that it comes for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems? This game is truly a gem, and it inspires me to see such amazing work in the freeware domain.