Windows Live Writer

I haven’t been blogging much, have I? I have missed a lot of wonderful posts I could have made, like reviews of my new 22 inch LCD monitor, my Logitech MX-518 gaming mouse, my new desk (well, modified the old one), my Sennheiser HD201 circumaural headphones, my wonderful phone Nokia 5230, the C6 firmware mod ported for Nokia 5230 (by 008Rohit from Daily Mobile Forums) which really really improves productivity, how I then lost my phone, got a new Nokia X2-01 (which sports S40, and is not moddable at all), and a bunch of other things like my new obsession with getting myself an Android phone and why I‘m considering the Samsung Galaxy Ace, and so on.

One of the reasons has something to do with how inconvenient I find making a new post using Wordpress. While the editor is good, I don’t have a quick option for logging into my account from my blog. I have to go to the Wordpress homepage to log in. That, and I’m lazy as hell, so I need things to be easy for me to do them.

While cleaning up my PC the other day, I was uninstalling Windows Live Essentials. I got curious and checked out what it has to offer and Windows Live Writer grabbed my attention. It’s simple and fits in with the whole Windows 7 look and feel. It also offers the ribbon toolbar, which I quite favor. How good it is remains to be seen, as this is still the first post I’m making with it. Let’s see how it turns out.

If anyone knows how I can log into my Wordpress account directly from my blog, it might help me. Of course, I’ll be using Live Writer for some time now, but still I’d like to know. My first guess is a theme, or a widget.

See you folks!


Ganesh Dhamodkar of Blog of Reflections had this to say:

Add the “Meta” widget somewhere in your blog and you will be able to log in directly from your blog :)

Thanks for the tip bro :)